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Thursday, July 19, 2007


Tonite we made our presence known to the community & were overwhelmed by the support. We had a booth during this monthly downtown event where we let people know about what we do & sold some products (car magnets, tshirts, hats & pins) to raise money for the postage needed to ship the packages we send to our troops. We also had a little table for the kids to color some pictures to send to the Soldiers.....what pride they put in those pictures. Signed their artwork too. So kewl. The Marines had a booth also so that was nice to see plus they had 2 recruits with them who ship out on Monday....gonna have to call our Army Recruiter and ask why they didn't come too. At the end of the evening a young man with 2 little boys came up......he had recently returned from Iraq.......A SOLDIER IN THE US ARMY. Well I had to give a few hugs....after all that's what Army Mom's are for right? Before he left the tears were flowing as he kept telling us how wonderful we were and that we were Angels....OMG. All they do for us & so much appreciation for the little bit we can give back. These guys are just so amazing......the best!!

On Saturday I will head over the hill to Stamper's Warehouse for their annual flea market. Haven't missed one in all the years they've had em......except the first one I think as I hadn't started stamping yet. If you're in the area you really should stop by.....lots of deals to be had that day. I'm gonna try to get something to do Halloween & Thanksgiving cards....don't have to many of those stamps.

Now for an update on "The Communicator". He called on Monday to say they were gonna take the staples out on Tuesday but they may have to surgically remove some as he was healing so fast that only 3 could be taken out the regular way. We tried to call Monday nite to get more info but no answer. I didn't hear from his Tuesday ... I had my IV treatment & Steve had appointment with eye Dr so we figured he'd call when he could. Yesterday morning he called from a different number to say phone got stolen the night before.........YES AGAIN....but he would be getting new one later that day. He gets insurance on em when he buys. Is anyone keeping count on how many phones he's gone thru because I have lost count now. We got home & there was a call from a RI area code but no message so don't know if he called while we were out. Havent' talked to him enough of late to keep him up to date on our schedule & he keeps loosing the cell number when he looses the phones. Oh well...... I did ask him if he has checked his AKO account to see if he has gotten his orders & he hasn't ......will he go to Ft. Leavenworth if he doesn't get his orders & therefore doesn't report to wherever? That's the place right? Anyway......that's the update.

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