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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Weekend Update

Hi all....
Yesterday we spent with the Balsley was Jim's 60th Birthday party (a surprise) and fun was had by all. Lots & lots of people came.....tons of food.....even a magician who entertained us. We met some great folks throughout the day.......thoroughly enjoyed it. We came home & just chilled the rest of the evening. Did find out that Operation Mom took in approximately $1400 on Monday for the "Wounded Hero's Fund". Of course owners of Chapel of the Chimes will match that so pretty good take for the day I would say.

The last couple days of the week were a bit hectic. On Thursday 'the boy' realized his debit card was missing so he called to get help. Of course he hadn't done a power of attorney for us to handle this so it was a pain but he called & got it cancelled. They sent new card here so now we have to Express Mail it to reach him before he leaves for MO on Wed. I learned how to use Western Union on Friday to send him money to get him thru the weekend & pay for bus ticket to airport if he needs it. Boy that sure isn't a easy task......twenty questions. But I guess it's good they have such security & you can't just use a Visa card to wire funds. Well with all he has gotten stolen from him in the last year I guess it was inevitable someone would get his card....luckily they didnt' get any money.

One more week left for the Soprano's....looks like they are gonna kill everyone off. My guess is AJ is gonna enlist.....not sure which branch tho. We watched the new show "Army Wives" (hey it has same executive producer as Grey's Anatomy....what did you expect?) which started tonite....we liked it. Check it out if you didn't see it.

Hope everyone has a good week.....

1 comment:

Butterfly Wife said...

I hadn't thought about AJ enlisting. Crazy show.

I liked Army Wives too. It is entertainment and it did it's job of entertaining me. I call that success.

Have a great week!