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Monday, June 25, 2007


Hope everyone had a great weekend. Ours was pretty nice around here. Friday evening we ran out to drop off some postcards I had made up for the Balsley's & then we went out to Super Joann's so I could pick up a few things (more paper, gel pens, stamps, felt flowers) & then to Wingstop for dinner. After that we ran into WalMart to get some food for Cocoa & I found some cutting mats to use for my Wishblade to make new mats.....they will accommodate 12" long paper. Then headed home for the evening.

Saturday morning I needed to get my lab work done......I was overdue....2 sticks this time. Ouch! I sure hate that. Gotta make sure the meds aren't doing bad things to me. From there we stopped by a house that is down the street from us.....we had noticed a Blue Star Banner in the had 3 stars. We seriously had to shake these peoples hands. We met the most amazing lady......she was a widow & lived alone. She invited us in. Her husband had been Navy......he passed away a couple of years ago....she flies the American Flag every day for him. Her daughter has been in the Navy for 21 now a Commander & will retire in a couple of years. The other 2 stars were for her Grandson & Granddaughter. We spent about an hour & a half there looking at pictures & listening to her stories. Time very well spent & I asked if she minded if we came back. She said yes.....I will take some of my pictures & scrapbooks with me when I return.

Next we stopped at Michael's as I am looking for a runner for my Fiskars cutter but they didn't have what I needed so we grabbed some flag stuff (hats & blow up ball with streamers) to decorate booth for tomorrow''s Drop off Depot. Steve got a couple things he needed too. From there we went to Lowe's looking for a couple of things & found an end table we needed..... it's one with a lamp in it. Steve is very happy as he can sit at that end of the couch & read without glaring light above. Then we stopped at Party America as we were gonna buy some balloons to decorate the booth also but didnt' find what we wanted so came home to get some chores done around the house. Before the stores closed we went to Sears to get some red/white/blue fold up chairs for Sunday also.

Sunday morning we woke up bright & early to get ready to head out to work Operation: Mom's Drop off Depot booth (one of 2 locations). We collected cash donations, sold some products & collected food & hygiene products to send to the troops in our upcoming troop packing. We met some great people........some vets, some parents of servicemembers & just some awesome citizens who love our troops & what they do. Between the 2 locations we collected $1256. which will help with postage & both food & hygiene products to put in the boxes. Still could use more if you wish to help. Check here for what items are needed. Was a long but satisfying day.

On the way home we grabbed some Subway sandwiches to have dinner. We were wiped out for sure. Watched Army Wives & then off to slumberland. Sure wish today would have been a weekend day so Steve wouldn't have had to go to work. They started street work here today so I will be smelling hot tar & hearing all those loud noises all week. How fun.

Hope you had a great weekend & a good week to come. Show the troops some love!!

And we did hear from "The Communicator" but nothing new for him.....he had weekend pass so I prolly didn't want to know.

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