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Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Bit of Catching up

Well I put cards together & sorted all day yesterday so no blogging for me. I have pretty much (remember I said "pretty much" as I know I still have a couple more here to do) gotten all caught up with the new cards coming in so I wanted to get some pictures posted before I go back to sorting. From what I have been told I still have over 1000 cards coming in for this packing. I'm gonna be busy for sure.

Thanks to Linda.....I had to take 3 shots to get all the cards in there were so many

Thanks to Janis. for her great cards (I do have more yet to photograph too)
These are from Leesa.....thank you so much
Lori sent these....aren't they great?
And these came all the way from TX from Melody....thanks so much
Here is what the total sorted looks like so far.

And last but certainly not least is some products sent by my dear friend Mary....totally awesome.
This is all so welcome.......and I know the troops will definately appreciate it all. Will post any photo's & emails I get here. Keep em coming!!

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