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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Sorry I've been gone so long.......

Hi all. Sorry I haven't been keeping up but it has been a busy week. First of all the Operation Mom Garage Sale was great....we made over $1000!! We had a very nice time Saturday nite at the Homecoming Party of LCPL Tom & his lovely bride ........we stayed til the end eating & gambling. Learned how to play Roulette........did I tell you they had a Casino Night party? Lots of fun.

'The boy' called on Wednesday to let us know he finally got his orders...he will be leaving in less than 2 weeks. Will be going to Fort Leonard Wood or "Fort Lost in the Woods" as it is called. He will be with a Combat Engineer Battalion. Looks like he will deploy to Iraq in July. I did do some searches on this Unit & could only find 3 casualties in the 4 years of war.....1 of those was a heart that makes me feel a lot better. They do the stuff we don't read about in the paper or see on the evening news. They worked on Baghdad Zoo, playgrounds & police stations as well as demoing buildings that pose security issues. Please keep him in your prayers. (US too!)

Got alot of cards done......will be working on them until Tues & then will send off all that I have. Still have not gone thru everything I have received yet......will pull out everything that is masculine looking to use for Father's Day too. Thanks to all that have sent cards. I really appreciate all the participation. I have some boxes I haven't had time to open as I want to post photo's so will get that done hopefully tomorrow.

Friday The City of Hayward planted a tree in memory of Spc. Michael Balsley who was killed in Iraq in January.......4 months to the day of the planting. Steve & I attended the cermony...I will post photo as I get it uploaded. Tomorrow the church were his memorial service was held is putting up a plaque in his memory....we will be attending that also. Then on Monday we will go to Chapel of the Chimes for their annual Memorial Day Ceremony. Operation Mom will be there as the cemetary has given us office space plus we will have a booth to see tshirts, pins & such to raise money for the Wounded Soldiers Fund. Steve will be presenting the colors which will be very kewl. I offered to lay a wreath if we can not get a servicemember to do so. Will be an all day event with a BBQ at the end.

I am going to close this with some news links I have going to try to do this more often. Have a good Sunday everyone.

Puppy helps tie family to slain soldier

Wounded warrior leads formation run to Ground Zero

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