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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Good news from Iraq

This is a blog I read daily.....too good not to share.

Hearts and Minds
Some of the top commanders and colonels in the area toured Charlie Medical yesterday. RK, our head surgeon and detachment commander, gave them a tour of the OR and our capabilities. While discussing area topics and patient care for the local populous and Iraqi Forces, the colonel had some genuinely positive encouragement regarding the care we are rending in Ramadi. (read more)

And because 'the boy' is supposed to be with Engineers I thought this was something I should share....I found it on Butterfly Wifes blog.

MNF-I. Engineers clear way for new school. Damaged outpost in Baqubah demolished. Army guys do like to blow stuff up. And the author of the article must too cause that's the focus.

I did get the last shipment of cards to MSgt Jason today so hopefully almost 300 Dad's will hear from their kidlets on the special day. I hear I am getting more cards coming so those will get out too! Have a good Friday everyone.

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Butterfly Wife said...

300 cards? WOW! That is great. I hadn't thought about my husband being able to send a card to his father for Father's Day. I guess an ecard will have to do.